2002-03.06  v2.3.184- ARUI first code for using ARToolkit for marker-detection and camera-calibration
                     - bbase-package contains newer ant and ant-optional.jar (needed for newest ARUI-code)
 2002-03-03  v2.3.183- ARUI implemented first code for scripting
 2002-03-03  v2.3.182- ARUI tested XML-internalizing
                     - ARUI fixed some bugs in XML-externalize
		     - default-configuration contains layout for AR-UI
		     - ARUI loads layout from config and falls back to compiled-in default on error
 2002-03-02  v2.3.181- ARUI uses the new Panel as top-level widget
                     - ARUI XML-serialization tested
		     - ARUI ARWindow can layout it's content correctly
		     - ARUI new functions getFreeARWindow and getAnyaRWindow in ARUIWidgetIF
 2002-03-01  v2.3.180- ARUI has experiemental code for serializing and de-serializing the current layout to/from XML
                     - ARUI now needs a J2EE or a SAX-parser
		     - ARUI has a new widget Panel for aranging UI-widgets
		     - the XML-code will be needed to implement scripting and user-editing of the UI
 2002-03-01  v2.3.180- released 2.3.180 as R2.0.1 and ficed some bugs in the installer (some libs were checked in as text)
 2002-02-27  v2.3.180- updates the FAQ and added the credists-page to the web-site
 2002-02-24  v2.3.180- ARUI: requested package-versions are checked for UIDescriptors
                     - ARUI supports new ARUIWidgetFactory
		     - Telephone-Service has an AR-representation
		     - Telephone-service again in default-config (instable-tree)
		     - ARUI automatically shows new representations
		     - telephone-service is localized
		     - ARUI has new ARButton-widget
		     - ARUI accepts new representatinos synchronized to avoid problems with multi-threading
 2002-02-24  v2.3.179- small bugfix in BatteryService
                     - BatteryService now uses VerySimpleService
		     - BatteryService has an icon (not visible in StartPanel because there is no BeanDescriptor)
		     - big code-cleanup in UIManagerBean
		     - UIManagerBean can be configured to start services in a new thread via a config-file-option
		       - is on by default and reduces startup-time dramatically
		     - UIManagerBean has less debug-noise if debugThis=false
		     - UIManagerBean sends serviceGone to local services (should fix some problems with stopping services)
		     - MyTabbedPane catches 2 possible glitches in initUI gracefully (happens with asyncronous startup)
		     - JavaMailService catches "not a directory" (thrown in case of a POP3 INBOX)
		     - found a bug in the contract of SimpleService and fgixed it everywhere (prevents local services from being destroyed properly)
 2002-02-22  v2.3.178- ARUI icons are working
                     - ARUI representatinos are fully working and debugged
		     - ARUI dockins are working
		     - added setForground and setBackground to Battery and Clock -dockin
		     - ARUI sent foreground and background on Dockins to match the color-schema
		     - ARUI uses alpha-blending
		     - ARUI windows have a cool-looking transparent second border
		     - ARUI window displays title
		     - ARUI areas are filled semi-transparently
		     - ARUI centralized color-configuration for all widgets
		     - ARUI heavily debugged
 2002-02-21  v2.3.177- ARUI can draw the icons of services found
                     - ARUI can draw a Window, that will later contain a fully-opened Application
		     - ARUI shows tooltips oin Icons with the application-name
		     - ARUI draws icons corectly and bigger
		     - linebreaks in BarfingOutputStream in Logger for Stack-Traces repaired
		     - ARUI shows (buggy but works) representation of services and is thus usable
		     - better error-checking in the automatic build-system
 2002-02-20  v2.3.176- new helper-class for writing UIs more easily can handle Icons
 2002-02-18  v2.3.176- mail-client's menu shows an option "new message" for the case, that you closed all the tabs
                     - mail-client has a deactivatable layout for bigger (e.g. VGA) screens
 2002-02-18  v2.3.175- -------------------------- release this as R2.0.0 --------------------------------------
 2002-02-17  v2.3.175- fixed a number of bugs in the installer, mostly in the
		     - removed /tmp as a default-context for Windows-users
		     - added 2 checks against nullpointerException in MailConfigPanel that can get triggered in Windows (are caught and never caused a problem)
 2002-02-17  v2.3.174- installer can configure directory-service
                     - installer parses slapd.conf of a local openLdap
		     - administration of directory-service has much improved
 2002-02-16  v2.3.173- installer got a panel for selecting pre-selection like all and minimum
                     - installer should find and parse a mozilla-configuration on a newer Windows too
		     - photo-service is listed in the installer
		     - RA-integration is in the installer
		     - added package-selections hacker, manager, consultand and sales-force to the installer
		     - fixed a bug in the build-scripts that caused an outdated configuration to be used for the installer
 2002-02-15  v2.3.172- installer can parse existing SuSE rc.config for defaults
 2002-02-14  v2.3.172- German translation is finished! 
 2002-02-13  v2.3.171- translation for the online-help is nearly done
 2002-02-12  v2.3.171- new translations in the online-help
 2002-02-11  v2.3.171- many more files in the online-help were translated for German
 2002-02-10  v2.3.170- first alpha-versino of the code for the upcoming augmented-reality UI
                     - it also introduces a new helper-class to make writing a UI litteraly a matter of seconds
                     - no forced fontsize in the default-config
		     - default-config has an error-log
		     - menu in mail-client reacts to mouse-drags too, so it's easier to use on a touch-screen (e.g. MA-(I)V)
                     - debian-package for the 3D-ui
                     - online-help has images
                     - online-help for web-browser and scheduler
		     - translation of online-help for German has begun.
 2002-02-05  v2.3.167- fixed a huge bug in the build-process (installers were not created correctly)
                     - text-editor does not get confused when there are no crypters
 2002-02-03  v2.3.166- fixed a 2 bugs when recording from a file in the media-player.
                     - online-help for the media-player and text-editor
 2002-02-02  v2.3.165- selecting a day in the scheduler works again
                     - redrawing-problmens in the scheduler are solved (heavyweight-components)
		     - less debug-noise from the VCAL-code
		     - scheduler allows VCAL-import
		     - scheduler scrolls if there are too many TODOs
 2002-02-02  v2.3.165- updated the installer and added the online-help to it's packages
                     - added scheduler to the installer
		     - debugged a number of links in the online-help
		     - mail-client shows search-button only if some directories are available
 2002-01-31  v2.3.164- first version of the online-help is writen. It will be made available sometime today.
                       A german translation should follow in a few days.
 2002-01-26  v2.3.164- less noise in debug.log
                     - fixed 2 small bugs in the new parsing of Mozilla-config-files
		     - mail-client displays menu at currect position
		     - logger correctly prints StackTraces if an error-file is defined
		     - mail-client displays a menu to close a message
 2002-01-26  v2.3.163- mail-config-panel in installer cna parse Mozilla-configuration unter *ix (not tested under Windows yet)
 2002-01-25  v2.3.163- at 00:04 I finaly managed to get the online-help working. It will be a separate download and be integrated
                       into SwingUI automatically it it is present
		     - fixed a lot of problem when automatically creating the debian-packages
		     - fixed a lot of problems in the automatic build-process
		     - build-process now runs on the sourceforge compile-farm and shows problems much better  
 2002-01-24  v2.3.162- the media-player-UI is a bit easier to use now
                     - debuged media-player
		     - UI-elements in media-player can no longer disapear if the window is too small
 2002-01-22  v2.3.161- scheduler correctly loads events
                     - scheduler creates, edits and loads todos
		     - scheduler is nearly finished
 2002-01-21  v2.3.161- the bug with images not being properly deleted uppon deleting a note is fixed
 2002-01-20  v2.3.161- VCAL-support in scheduler is complete and activated by default
 2002-01-19  v2.3.161- scheduler can load all data from VCAL except images, becaus eof that loading is disabled by default for now 
 2002-01-15  v2.3.161- scheduler has the first code to use VCAL as it's native file-format
 2002-01-15  v2.3.161- offline-mail in mail-client is fully working!
                     - there still seems to be a bug left with _very_big_ folders but I'm going to find that
 2002-01-14  v2.3.160- mail-client stores messages in a local cache for speedup and offline-operation
                     - offline-working and loosing/gaining a connection is not fully tested yet but should work
 2002-01-13  v2.3.159- started implementing offline-mail-support and caching in the mail-client
 2002-01-09  v2.3.158- mail-client localized and translated for german
                     - mail-client cleaned up and removed some minor bugs
		     - mail-client got "open", next to "reply"
		     - "reat" renamed to "reat in editor" in mail-client
		     - mail-client shows menu correctly for the first message in a folder
		     - mail-client shows a counter when downloading messages
		     - fixed too short list of listener-registrations in JavaMailService
		     - removed a heavy bug in JavaMailSerivce's listener-registration-code
 2002-01-08  v2.3.157- a new panel in the installer lets the user configure
                       if and how the SwingUI-display shall be mirrored or turned (for selfmade displays)
		     - it also allows to set the optional, forced font-size (for blury displays). 
		     - WorldClock written by Eugene Kireyev added
 2002-01-06  v2.3.156- source is only compiled when really needed to
                     - text-editor remembers the last file and directory
		     - the line-wrapping-menuiten in TextEditor is not in edit and properly translated
		     - fixed a translation-type
		     - the menu in the text-editor should be easier to use on a touch-screen
		     - a number missing files in CVS that broke the installer are now there
		     - a bug in the new build-script, breaking the in staller is fixed
		     - fixed the URL for the web-installer
 2002-01-05  v2.3.155- new panels for the installer
 2002-01-02  v2.3.155- ConfigFielReader can skip bad parts 
                     - ConfigPanel for mail-service cleaned up
		     - ConfigPanel for TextEditor written
		     - new helper-classes make writing such a config-panel very easy
                     - fixed _many_ CVS-problems
		     - we have a new build-process that runs on sourceforge and compiles everything from a fresh
		       CVS-checkout, thus avoiding files missing in CVS and the bandwidth-demands of a new version
 2002-01-01  v2.3.154- ConfigFileModifier can create files
                     - installer allows configuration of mail-config
 2001-12-21  v2.3.153- first changes to config-file-parsing to allow graphically editing of the configuration and
                       setting config-options in the install-program even if doing an upgrade
 2001-12-17  v2.3.152- RAService produces no more errors with recenr RememberanceAgents
                     - minor bug-fixes in the Logger
 2001-12-15  v2.3.151- fixed bug in Windows .bat-files (ANT_HOME not set)
                     - fixed but in installer (file testkeys missing)
		     - fixed bug in Logger (errorfile and warningfile must exist)
		     - first tests on a Xybernaut MA-IV
		     - a PIF-file is included at least for SwingUI.bat, providing enough environment-space
 2001-12-09  v2.3.150- updated to new version of installer
                     - scheduler can draw lines in sketches
                     - some debugging in the scheduler
                     - mail-client displays folders much faster (w/o getting them and updating message-count later)
 2001-12-09  v2.3.149- Camera-interface for photoService features a new takeSnapshot -function giving a BufferedImage
                     - scheduler-service looks for PhotoServices to augment itself
		     - Schduler-Service's Canvas-class is prepared to accept photos
                     - supplied jbuilder-project-file can run SwingUI in debugger
                     - fixed a bug in the scheduler-service's event-handling code
		     - more localizations for scheduler
		     - better drawing in scheduler
 2001-12-08  v2.3.148- fixed some localization-probolems with the scheduler
                     - image-support in scheduler works
                     - installers are up-to-date again
 2001-12-07  v2.3.148- scheduler-service supports images in backend
                     - scheduler-service saves TODOs in persistent state
                     - fixes some issues in the build.xml of the character-recognition-engine
		     - debianized charrec
 2001-12-06  v2.3.148- map-service can zoom
 2001-12-02  v2.3.148- better build.xml thanks to Freeman Pascal 
                     - more debian-packages
 2001-12-01  v2.3.147- cleaned up UIManagerBean
                     - stopping local services works (for all simpleServices, this means nearly everyone)
                     - as a template for all services the scheduler and photo-service have a debian-package
		       (automatically generated)
                     - repaired the base-debian-package
 2001-12-01  v2.3.146- better error-handling in UIManagerBean
                     - extended JComponentFDactory for services that have a conventional 2D-representation and a dock-in
                     - removed some outdated comments in SwingUIMainFrame
                     - photo-service has dockin to make photos instantly
		     - photo-service can be used multiple times concurrently
		     - PhotoCameraFactory creates only 1 camera
 2001-11-24  v2.3.145- battery-service has more error-checks in ACPI-code
                     - improvements to the ACL-code in the bytecode-generated proxys
		       (still not working but only 1 bug away from localACL)
                     - scheduler supports localization
                     - notes in scheduler fully support categories
 2001-11-23  v2.3.144- photo-service provides it's functionality to other services
                     - photo-servivce-interface is in base-distribution to be able to
		       write alternative implementations and
		       use the existing one in other services
		     - numbering images in photo-service works   
                     - photo-service chooses the highest resolution possible
 2001-11-19  v2.3.143- The photo-service does work. It can really take photos and save
                       them as jpeg-images.
                     - photo-service lists only video-devices
		     - photo-service selects first video-device automtically
 2001-11-15  v2.3.143- experimental code for using ACLs in automagically generated
 2001-11-14  v2.3.142- better installer, web-installer
 2001-11-14  v2.3.142- started implementing an installer using lzInstall. It works but
                       a lot of customization has to be done.
 2001-11-14  v2.3.142- new debian-package (working this time)
 2001-11-14  v2.3.141- experimental Debian-package
 2001-11-11  v2.3.141- localized Directory-service and media-player(with media-db and
                       capture-panel) and wrote a german translation
                     - scheduler supports TODOs in backend and shows them in frontend
		       and saves it's state after adding sth.
 2001-11-11  v2.3.140- photo-service can make photos(saving them is still a problem).
                       It's far from perfect yet but it works.
                     - photo-service imported into CVS
                     - photo-service thus included into startup.conf
 2001-11-11  v2.3.139- battery-service handles ACPI and multiple batteries
 2001-11-08  v2.3.138- scheduler-service has a working month-panel. I commented out the
                       year and week -panels as they are not needed for the time being.
 2001-11-04  v2.3.138- scheduler-service is nearly working. Only 2 widgets missing. All
                       functionality can be used through the UI. (managing notes and events)
 2001-11-03  v2.3.138- activated some code in ContextService being tested long enough
                       causing no longer this delay st service-startup
                     - sceduler-service has improved much 
 2001-11-01  v2.3.137- scheduler-notes are persistend
                     - scheduler can internally handle meetings,... (but I have no good UI-components to show them)
 2001-11-01  v2.3.136- scheduler can remove notes but they are still not persistent. As soon as they are it
                       will be released in the download-section.
 2001-10-31  v2.3.136- scheduler understands events and got first functionality (can create and edit notes)
                       [the sceduler is alpha and thus only in the CVS for now]
                     - corrected a missing path in schedulers build.xml as written by Freeman Pascal
 2001-10-27  v2.3.136- Freeman Pascal fixed wrong namings in the scheduler and wrote a more modular build.xml for it
 2001-10-21  v2.3.136- compiled cleanly under JDK1.4 (Sun,beta2,Linux) [compiles, but does NOT run because of unfixed swing-bugs in the JDK]
                     - compiled under JDK1.4 (much more strict) under Windows
                     - bin-dir is used for .dat-files even under windows
                     - repaired SOAP2JINI xerces.jar, it was checked-in as text
 2001-10-21  v2.3.135- gererated proxys know all base-types
                     - proxy-generation creates extensive debug-info uppon error
                     - proxys use proper return-instruction (ARETURN,FRETURN,...) for non-object return-types
		     - proxy-functions taking multiple arguments now work
                     - proxy-generation has been tested with all VerySimpleServices and worked
 2001-10-15  v2.3.134- creating the proxys by white magic (using BCEL to put together Java-ByteCode) DOES WORK !!!!!!!
                       you cannot get rid yet of the old code if yout want SSL but most users don't need that at all and
		       it slows down startup-time for the service big-time.
		       WARNING! this is still called unstable for a reason. it works but it's not well testet. 
 2001-10-14  v2.3.133- translated the text-editor
 2001-10-14  v2.3.132- started to translate everything
 2001-10-13  v2.3.131- More debugging under windows
                     - started implementing the sceduler for Release II
 2001-10-07  v2.3.130- VerySimpleService creates working signatures for array-classes
 2001-10-07  v2.3.129- UIs can be started by ant
                     - UIManagerBean augments the classpath for the case that is is incomplete
                     - calculator removes an ERROR from the input-field uppon hitting a number or comma
 2001-10-03  v2.3.128- better error-messages when some Exception in UIManagerBean.InstanciateThread occurs
                     - CmdlnPlayer of the media-player handles not-finding it's configured program (e.g. mpg123) more gracefully
		     - FileObjectFactory gives shorter error-message if an LDAP-host cannot be reached
		     - ExtensionFileMimeIdentifier knows mp3
		     - MyDefferedRemoteAttributes gives files URLs
		     - Attributes with only 1 value get better represented in the DirectoryServiceSwingRepresentation
		     - build.xml of wlanmonitorservice creates stubs again
		     - makermideps wotks with classes with no package
		     - merlin (charrec) get a white background to be easier to see in the dockin-bar
		     - an alpha-version of a new photo-application
                     - started implementing VerySimpleService using BCEL instead f javac
 2001-10-03  v2.3.127- all the new tarballs did not contain the buildme-script. That has changed 
                     - a new buildme-script for all sub-projects
		       * I did not increase the version-numbers, where no code has changed
		     - javadoc on web-site contains all packages
		     - startup-scripts test for JAVA_HOME set
                     - serial-screen and addMemoActions are commented out in the default-configuration
		     - IRC is listed in the default-configuration of the startup-panel
		     - TextUI-Adaptor for SwingUI does not clear input-field anymore until return is pressed
		     - some Error-messages for SimpleAdmin
		     - TextEditor sends all debug-messages really to Logger.debug
		     - StorageLocationAdminPanel uses BorderLayout to display the parts below each other
		     - an IllegalArgumentException make join- and attributes-admin-panel not show if the respective Managers could not
		       be instanciated on the server-side as no network is present
 2001-10-02  v2.3.126- started implementing adding the TwiddlerHelpSheet to all services by rewriting their classes using BCEL
                     - finally everything is in the CVS
 2001-10-01  v2.3.125- some internal enhancements to the map-service (loading mulsiple maps, no longer ignoring the user-selection)
                     - all Stack-Traces in the map-service go to Logger.err instead of System.err
 2001-09-28  v2.3.125- Java3D-UI git a working start-script and a bug-fixed and some cleanup of leftover files
                     - makermideps works with TextEditorSwingRepresentationListener (implements RemoteEventlistener but that is not
		       found in the classpath so it cannot be analysed) 
 2001-09-28  v2.3.125- a number of small bug-fixes and more error-messages instead of stack-traces for windows
                     - startup-batch-files for windows that work
		     - battery-service deactivates itself if no apm is found in the path (with a warning)
 2001-09-26  v2.3.124- we are now using ant as a build-tool and bo longer rely on bash,sed,find,... and the markers for rmic
 2001-09-17  v2.3.123- map-service got configurable and base-package has a default-configuration
                     - map-service finds GPS-services 
 2001-09-11  v2.3.122- untested new GPS-service based on Neill J Newmanns gps-class from Sulawesi
 2001-09-10  v2.3.121- finally added automatic adding of SSL-support to VerySimpleService (needed to get rmic to work from inside java for that)
 2001-09-09  v2.3.120- VerySimpleService works with void-return-type
                     - map-service known about positions and has events
		     - map-service scales the map correctly
                     - added support for bookmarks to the text-editor
		     - RememberanceAgent gets only the 400 characters aroud the caret in the text-editor (for large texts)
 2001-09-08  v2.3.119- preliminary support for rotating and mirroring the display in the SwingUI (does not work well)
                     - a new map-service added (GPS-support planned for next month)
                     - VerySimpleService works with nested classes and arrays
                     - download-page should work again
 2001-09-05  v2.3.118- twiddler-help-sheet has a real image
 2001-09-02  v2.3.118- started implementing a service displaying a help-sheet for new Twiddler-users if needed
 2001-09-02  v2.3.117- VerySimpleService catches errors when trying to create a proxy (works better with other JDKs now)
                     - new servie WLan-Monitor displays wireless-network link-quality and current nwid as a dock-in (works)
                     - removed typo in VerySimpleService
		     - VerySimpleService can now include debug-messages into the generated proxy
                     - no stack-trace in Watchtower-Bean if some multicast-socket-options cannot be set like in SimpleService
                     - fixed some typos in the battery-service
 2001-08-19  v2.3.116- no stack-trace if some socket-options of a NIC cannot be set for multicast-traffic (needed for JINI-discovery)
                       finally displaying icons in the starter-panel works and the text-entries are much bigger (easy enough to select
		       with a twiddler-I)
 2001-08-16  v2.3.115- first icons exist, Makefile copies icons
 2001-08-13  v2.3.114- UIManagerBean and starter-panel in SwingUI are now prepared to include icons (much easier to use with a twiddler)
 2001-06-18  v2.3.113- VerySimpleService automagically adds support for ACLs and in a few days SSL(just a compile-problem left) to services
                       (for a function to be "ACLed" the interface needs just to allow an java.lang.IllegalAccessException to be thrown)
 2001-06-13  v2.3.112- cleaned up the scripts and Makefiles
 2001-06-09  v2.3.112- work on VerySimpleService and a virtual-3d-keyboard started
                     - VerySimpleService automagically creates a proxy and simplifies
		       a service-class down to triviality
 2001-05-20  v2.3.111- web-broser needs less screen-space
                     - fixed a big bug in the IRC-client
                     - irc-client is configurable
		     - base-distro contains a config-file for the irc-client
 2001-04-08  v2.3.111- JComboBoxes of 2D-UIs work in 3D-UI
                     - popup-menues in applications (like the text-editor) do work in 3D !!!
		     - typing return/enter/backspace into a 3D-application does work now
		     - created a 3D-button as a widget for future representations
 2001-04-07  v2.3.111- Java3D-UI has better collision-handling with the hand
                     - 2D-Applications can now be represented by arbitrary geometries
		       in the 3D-world (default: a very simple Padd) ;)
		     - You can specify a matrix for disorienting mouse-click-positions
		       in 3D-representations of 2D-apps to counter anormal texture-alignment
		     - you can correct the automatic texture-alignment in -"- by a 4x4 matrix  
 2001-04-06  v2.3.111- CLipboardManager can use xclip or a similar program for external clipboards
 2001-04-05  v2.3.110- Java3D-UI has the beginning of a virtual-Hand-service
                     - Java3D-UI supports additonal input-devices for applications
		     - Window reacts to colisions with the hand
 2001-04-04  v2.3.110- new CLipboardManager helps to integrate alternative clipboards
                           (like xclip for supporting the X-selections-buffers)
	             - the Text-editor now has an edit-menu for cut,copy,paste
		       search will follow
 2001-04-04  v2.3.109- text-editor is less anoying and much better usable
                        * no file-open when clicking in the text-area
			* caret stays where it is (this helps with the 3D-UI too)
 2001-04-01  v2.3.108- Java3D-UI got a new service to load static objects (e.g. lights of a scene)
 2001-03-31  v2.3.108- Java3D-UI got a new super-configurable input-engine
                       this will (once the config-file-format is specified)
		       allow easy use of arbitrary (experimental) input-devices
		       and user-configurable behavior of true 3D-representations
 2001-03-20  v2.3.108- FileObjectFactory.createStoredContext is public and used by the new
                     - MetaContext queriing a list of other contexts and combining the results
 2001-03-18  v2.3.107- List of MimeDataHandlers accumulates
                     - you can start MimeDataHandlers like services
		     - debugged GTermServer somewhat
		     - sending memos to PDA using GTermServer works
		     - bookindex is prepared to act as a spell-checker
 2001-03-16  v2.3.106- AddMemoAction using GTermServer to communicate with a Casio PDA
 2001-02-25  v2.3.106- Answerablre-interface make answers to SemiNat-sentences possible
                     - this is used by the media-players and clocks  seminatrepresentation
                     - SerialDesktopServer improved (still unfinished)                       
		     - SwingUI updates remote-screens uppon switching applications
 2001-02-24  v2.3.106- more debug-information about the serial-code
 2001-02-23  v2.3.105- the clock has a configurable SemiNat-representation
 2001-02-23  v2.3.104- SemiNat-representation knows far more phrases,
                                              is partly cofigurable/localisable (play and index are more difficult)
					      can play the next/last track
 2001-02-21  v2.3.103- SemiNat-representation of the media-player can stop and pause
                     - SemiNat-representation of the media-player can index files/URLs
		       and directories for the mediaDB
		     - -"- can really play sth. randomly
		     - -"- is debugged now you can access everything media-player-
		       related via voice or text-terminal   
 2001-02-20  v2.3.102- SearchStringParser prepered to handle comparatives on numbers
 2001-02-18  v2.3.101- webbrowser supports cookies and user-defined cookie-policies but
                       has still problems with some links
 2001-02-18  v2.3.101- debugged
                     - TextUi shows the name of the process in nextproc/lastproc
		     - TextUI has a new command listproc
		     - TextUI shows list of global commands at startup
		     - seminat handles quotes (play "this file.mp3") and newlines[D
		     - mediaPlayerSeminatRepresentation can parse more complex sentences and find songs in the mediaDB
		       e.g. "please play something Classical from XYZ named \"Poets Quest\"" (in theory)
		     - SearchStringParser handles quotes  
 2001-02-18  v2.3.100- mediaDB uses LDAP-like regular expressions
                     - regular expressions can contain * and ?
		     - directory-service-swing-representation handles URLS correctly
		     - searching in the mediaDB works
		     - the mediaDB gets saved and loaded correctly
		     - thus the mediaDB is fully functional
		     - TNHDContext supports searching with anf w/o  regular expressions
		     - TNHD gives a DataSource instead of a InputStream
		     - a proxy for TaskSwitching-UIs exists
		     - SwingUI is a service
                     - UIManagerBean allows the UI to add services 		      
 2001-02-17  v2.3.99 - first working code for parsing LDAP-like regular expressions
                      this will complete the media-database and make the contexts
		       far more capable
 2001-02-16  v2.3.98 - alpha of a character-regognition for keyboard-less devices
 2001-02-15  v2.3.98 - configure creates a "makeall.bat" for Windows-systems
 2001-02-11  v2.3.97 - cleaned up the roadmap
 2001-02-10  v2.3.97 - beta-code for downloading for the gnutella-client
                     - first code for the music-database in the media-player-service
 2001-02-10  v2.3.96 - a new alpha of a gnutella-client
 2001-02-09  v2.3.96 - media-player becomes the first application to use the semi-natural-speech-processor
                     - some debugging in the semi-...
 2001-02-09  v2.3.95 - mail-filters got a better debugging and support new selection-fields for substrings (CC, BCC, any,...)
                     - mail-filters are applied to the INBOX(if it exists) uppon connecting to the mail-store (no wrong message-numbers)
 2001-02-09  v2.3.94 - webbrowser knows events
                     - some debugging in the rememberance-agent-integration
		     - rememberance-agent-service remembers the last questions and caches the result
		     - browse-to -mime-action
		     - first code for making the SwingUI a service too (allowing task-switches among other things)
		     - mail-filers work
 2001-02-08  v2.3.93 - support for mail-filters (needs to be tested some morea )
                     - debugged setFont in the mail-client
		     - starterPanel debugged
		     - mail-client handles setFont correctly
		     - web-browser has a context-menu with all mime-actions (no special handling when
		       clicking over links yet)
 2001-02-05  v2.3.92 - The webbrowser got a brand-new (working ;) ) representation!
                       it dumps support for javascript, applets, cookies, ...
		       but it works where the full-blown-browser failed 
 2001-02-05  v2.3.92 - ticker-like dockins get more width
                     - dockin-panel can be hidden
		     - tabbed-pane takes less screen-space
		     - too long application-titles are cut to size (changes dynamic with window-size)
		     - the location and size of the SwingUI-frame can be specified (e.g. if only a fraction of
		       the screen is represented at TV-out) (location  does not work yet)
		     - tickerService/clock/battery-bockin supports setting the font
		     - battery-service sends alarm to tickers on battery-low
		     - ticker-service debugged
		     - battery-service debugged
 2001-02-04  v2.3.91 - text-editor can execute a mime-action on the selected text (like: lookup this word)
                     - [add-to|replace]-playlist understand filenames instead of URLs too
                     - some error-messages gor shorter
		     - config-files got another cleanup
		     - scroll-pane for SwingUI can be disabled
		     - starterPanel has ScrollPane
		     - StarterPanel uses selected Font
 2001-02-03  v2.3.90 - user-selected font(-sizes) work better in the directory-service
                     - ID3-code known the "unknown genre"
		     - reading of file-attributes is  deffered until they are really needing
		       (speeding up the directory-service quite a bit)
 2001-02-02  v2.3.89 - Fonts can be specified (not all applications handle this yet but it works
                     - and makes jAugment much more usable)
                     - begun to break up the config-file to make it easier to manage
 2001-01-30  v2.3.88 - Support for ID3-tags in FileObjectFactory (needed for later indexing for a real music-db)
 2001-01-29  v2.3.87 - S/MIME-signing in the mail-client works
 2001-01-25  v2.3.86 - S/MIME-testcode
 2001-01-24  v2.3.85 - all the JAF and mime-handler -code is complete and cleaned up
 2001-01-24  v2.3.84 - IRC-client can connect/disconnect/join/part/write/read
 2001-01-23  v2.3.84 - alpha-code for a new IRC-client
 2001-01-22  v2.3.84 - FileObjectFactory creates SerializableOutputStreams for writing
 2001-01-22  v2.3.83 - Bug-Fix in mime-handlers/JAF-code in the text-editor
                     - switched to JavaMail 1.2
		     - deleting messages in the mail-client finally works, expect more soon
 2001-01-22  v2.3.82 - rewrote the mime-handlers to use JAF
                     - less debug-messages
 2001-01-22  v2.3.81 - First code for a new Ticker-Service informing the user about important events (such as low-battery-voltage)
                     - toString() of SerializableInputStream can be specified
 2001-01-21  v2.3.80 - We have a VNC-viewer allowing the user to continue his/her work on a *ix/windows-system on the road
                       and use more legacy-applications in jAugment
 2001-01-19  v2.3.80 - We have slow but working augmented-vision code (doing a convolution for edge-detection)
                       see the screenshots-page for it. It is uncommented for not requiring JAI from the user for
		       the time being. Once matured it will get it's own sub-project and service.
 2001-01-19  v2.3.79 - directory-browser knows URLs as being of type "text/url" so that services can at least handle
                       urls if they cannot handle input-streams (like the media-player)
		     - actions of the media-player handle "text/url" so you can add the individual files of a playlist
		       to the playlist
		     - addToPlaylist/ReplacePlaylist work with 1-file-URLs
		     - new action play for media-player so you can play a file/playlist
		     - FileObjectFactory handles multiple-file-m3us much better    
		     - FileObjectFactory has a modular interface for factories for extended attributes of special files
		       (like m3u-playlists ;) )
		     - some new code in the webbrowser but links still do not work
		     - augmented-vision testcode works
 2001-01-19  v2.3.78 - index-context shows all context-information after a search
		     - a new contexts uses for translations between nearly arbitrary languages
 2001-01-19  v2.3.77 - directory-browser defers initialization of contexts
                     - RemoteInputStream supports URLs like Files
		     - index-context shows a list of books when listed
 2001-01-19  v2.3.76 - we have a new Context creating and searching a (database-based) full-text-index
                       of a number of e-texts like the ones from Project Gutenberg.
 2001-01-17  v2.3.76 - directory-service uses ACLs
                     - some bug-fixes and less debug-messages on the directory-service
		     - mime-actions are used in the text-editor
		     - adding to/replacing playlist no longer inverts the order of songs
		     - text-editor always shows the menu at the correct position
 2001-01-17  v2.3.75 - extended the media-player capture-panel with some augmented-vison alpha-code and a "play"-button 
                     - we have a DictionaryContext for
 2001-01-17  v2.3.74 - mail-client should (theoretically) change the SEEN-flag of a message  
                     - mail-client can copy messages between folders
 2001-01-17  v2.3.73 - small problem with the text-editor fixed
                     - can enable/disable line-wrap in the text-editor
		     - recording-panel in media-player can play/record from files (so we have a movie-player)
		     - text-editor knows more file-rypes as being text
		     - in the media-player you cna switch between record-panel and playlist
		     - medi-player disables record-button if the record-panel is not avaliable
 2001-01-15  v2.3.72 - IDP-context handles umlauts
                     - RemoteInputStream supports marks for files
		     - thus doing multiple actions of a "content"-attribute works
		     - media-player-swing-representation can at least show the images of the camera if not write them to disk
		     - -"- shows shorter format-strings
		     - -"- shows shortened URLs
 2001-01-15  v2.3.71 - IDP/TNHD-files can be zipped instead of gzipped
                     - action "replace playlist" added
		     - media-player and it's swing-representation have events (text-representation need not react to them)
		     - a bit of debugging
		     - you can (theoretically) do multiple actions on a "content"-attribute of a directory-binding		     
 2001-01-14  v2.3.70 - you can now have references to environment-variables in stored contexts, config-file-include-statements
                       and the directory-service-configuration
		     - we include a default-configuration of contexts  
		     - a context for the jargon-file/TNHD/Yellow-Book
		     - some corrections to the directory-browser
		     - no size-restrcitions for stored directories anymore (other that by 32-bit, signed integers ;))
		     - context for the files of the Internet-dictionary-project (their files are not consistent in their character-encoding for free and for multiple languages)
		     - FileObjectFactory and ExtensionFileMimeIdentifier handle m3u-playlists. The media-player can read them but the representation doesnot update up to now.
 2001-01-14  v2.3.69 - the alpha-code for the capture-panel got some enhancements. It's still nut fully working.
 2001-01-13  v2.3.68 - alpha-code for a capture-panel inserted into the media-player-swing-representation
                     - directory-context for the bibliography-database
 2001-01-13  v2.3.67 - we have a new context allowing to search for translations in the
 2001-01-13  v2.3.66 - the directory-service-swign-representation uses mime-actions
                     - the text-editor provides a mime-action (open in TextEditor)
 2001-01-12  v2.3.65 - the directory-service handles files (object with the attributes size, cn, contentstart,...)
                     - the diertory-service-swing-representation is much more efficient
		     - a special file-type allows storing references to other directories in the file-system
		     - a prototype for directory-contexts for dictionaries and similar data-sources is written
		     - a new set of interfaces/entries/classes allowing for better dynamic integration of services not knowing each other (mime-actions)
 2001-01-12  v2.3.64 - some cleanup to compile with Java1.3's javac
                     - better handling of Files and sub-contexts in the directory-service 
 2001-01-11  v2.3.63 - cleaned-up video-background-code for 3D-UI
 2001-01-11  v2.3.63 - first cleaned-up video-background-code for 3D-UI
 2001-01-09  v2.3.63 - first augmented-vision-tests with the 3D-ui. Expect stable code in a few days.
 2001-01-08  v2.3.63 - we have a small, bad, slow pdf-viewer using adobe's acrobat-bean
                       (please unless it's an emergency don't use it! ;) )
 2001-01-07  v2.3.63 - we have a web-browser based on Sun's HotJavaBean
 2001-01-07  v2.3.63 - ICQ-client can (theoretically) receive messages
                     - mail-service knows flags like reat,flagged,deleted
		     - mail-service-swing-representation shows these flags
		     - mail-service-swing-representation openes messages of a folder asnycronously
		     - mail-service prepared to delete messages
 2001-01-02  v2.3.62 - directory-service-representation allows searching
                     - directory-service supports non-directory -contexts (like fs-context)
                     - directory-service-representation supports non-directory -contexts
		     - default-configuration has an fs-context toe /tmp
 2001-01-01  v2.3.61 - directory-service has a first usable representation
                       (we will go on to allow searches and modifications now and then
		        write contexts to allow dictionaries, litherature-databases,...
			to be used by users and services)
 2001-01-01  v2.3.60 - first code for a SwingRepresentation for the directory-service
                       (shall allow fulltext-searching of books, lopokup of names,...)
 2000-12-26  v2.3.59 - debugged UIManagerBean.execute()
                     - starter-panel in SwingUI now gives a list of defined macros
 2000-12-25  v2.3.58 - some new code that will make the directory-service much better
                     - battery-meter-cockin supports an alarm-command to be executed at 5%
		     - a simple wap-browser based on the waplet-project
 2000-12-24  v2.3.57 - a new behavior make clicking and moving 3D-windows possible w/o an aditional handle
                     - defined UI-factory for 3D-representations
		     - 3D-UI uses this factory
		     - first test-application (Mirror) being 3D-UI-representable (reflection does not work yet)
		     - battery-dockin changes color acording to power-level
		     - service-interface for 3D-input-devices defined
		     - a special handling oj JComboBoxes makes them work in the 3D-UI (popup-menues do not work yet)
		     - UIManagerBean starts new services asyncronously
		     - some tool-tips
 2000-12-23  v2.3.56 - some very small changes
                     - an alpha for a simple ICQ-client
                     - 3D-UI can translate and rotate windows (but they interact with each other)
                     - 3D-UI-Window-Behavior reacts to mouse pressed _and_ -released (thus button-clicking works)
		     - work on window-manipulation in 3D-UI has started
 2000-12-22  v2.3.55 - SSL is used everywhere (but is optional) and supports authentication
		     - Mail-Client uses an ACL
		     - you can specify where the UI should look for services in the config-file
		     - with the (now working) AttributesAdminPanel you can remove attributes
		     - ans add some known types of attributes to services
 2000-12-21  v2.3.54 - second version of the 3D-UI now with working navigation and "window"-placement
                     - sourcecode of the 3D-UI is much better documented
 2000-12-2O  v2.3.54 - ACLs are working
                     - first code for a new admin-panel for attributes
		     - new admin-panel to control groups and locators via JoinAdmin
		     - WatchTowerBean makes debug-output via Logger
		     - some small bug-fixes
 2000-12-19  v2.3.53 - fixes _tons_ of RMI/JINI-related bugs during some internetworking-tests
                     - first test-code for ACLs
 2000-12-19  v2.3.52 - added the text about export/import-regulations into the download-page
                     - TextEditorService has a main() to be invoked standalone
                     - fixed a JINI-related bug in SimpleService
		     - fixed some other JINI-related problems
 2000-12-18  v2.3.51 - added an interface TextOutputDevice
                     - SerialPortTextInputDevice implements it (untested)
		     - debugged the JINI-code
 2000-12-17  v2.3.50 - added a mechanism for services to compete about exclusive ressources
                     - UIManagerBean does not omplain that lengthy about missing service-classes it is told to instanciate
		     - made a number of debug-messages optional and disabled them
		     - Telephone claims the ressource "/dev/dsp" from the media-player uppon placing a call
		     - small bugfix in the mail-service
		     - Telephone has events
		     - Telephone uses the directory-services as a searchable phonebook
		     - RA-services gives rating-field
		     - cosmetic changes to the text-editor and RA-service
		     - RA-service supports multiple indice
 2000-12-17  v2.3.49 - a new small calculator
                     - text-editor starts with a document "scratch"
		     - text-editor gives new buffers the focus
		     - first version of a telephone using VoIP with the openh323-client including video(outsind the jaugment-window)
 2000-12-16  v2.3.48 - desktop-sharing has beta-code for events
 2000-12-16  v2.3.47 - small changes to the remote-desktop-api
                     - desktop-sharing works
 2000-12-15  v2.3.46 - small bug-fix
                     - service providing the service of the MIT-Rememberance-Agent
		     - text-editor-servive uses that service
 2000-12-14  v2.3.45 - first public alpha of the 3D-user-interface (basic parts are working) I worked on myself for the last 3 days
                     - password-rememberance-service can list stored password-names
		     - password-rememberance-service has a simple swing-representation
		     - first code for RemoteScreens (serial-port-controled LCD-displays, PDAs, desktop-sharing with others users, ...)
 2000-12-12  v2.3.44 - some minor changes
                     - work on MHLocalStoreWrapper started (will be released soon under GPL)
		     - uploading the site (but not files/CVS) to worked!
 2000-12-11  v2.3.43 - for SwingUI you cna configure where to put dockins
                     - battery-meter is working and has a dockin as a representation
                     - some new code in the CORBA-binding
 2000-12-11  v2.3.42 - SwingUI supports dockins (serviceui-compactible swing-representation with a small maximum-size)
                     - a clock-dockin is written
 2000-12-10  v2.3.41 - JINI2Soap -bridge started
                     - Binding-interface defined
		     - sinmpleService supports deregistration
		     - simpleService has first code to support additional bindings (such as CORBA or SOAP)
		     - mockups for a SOAP and an CORBA -binding using this interface
 2000-12-08  v2.3.40 - mail-client supports "from"-entries specifiing an encoding and vcards in from-etries
 2000-12-07  v2.3.39 - swingUI reworked to save screen-space (myTabbedPane), looks better too
                     - directory-service-admin can list directories
                     - directories have names atached to them
 2000-12-07  v2.3.38 - mail-service sends new messages
                     - mail-client handles them
		     - MailSender has some new msg-types and equals-functions for handles
		     - a new StreamCmdlnPlayer was written
		     - the problem with [Stream|]CmdlnPlayer going berserk is solved
 2000-12-06  v2.3.37 - interface for implementation allowing offline-mailing
 2000-12-06  v2.3.36 - SimpleService -derived-services start-up w/o a network being present
                     - started preparing mail-client for S/MIME-integration
		     - mail-client should now display messages sorted by date
 2000-12-05  v2.3.35 - small bug-fix
 2000-12-02  v2.3.34 - directory-service supports caching results in a local directory-service
                     - directory-service creates contexts asyncronously (no hanging on timeouts)
		     - text-editor's crypters are fully configurable and are loaded by reflection 
		     - interfaces and helpers for service-defined admin-representations
		     - directory-service has a working representable admin allowing the adding of new contexts
 2000-12-01  v2.3.33 - directory-service supports searching in multiple levels
                     - mail-client supports non-local searches
 2000-11-31  v2.3.32 - text-editor supports the crypto-features of the mail-client
                     - UIManagerBean gives random-numbers as ServiceIDs
		     - simple SwingUI for the media-player (very simple)
 2000-11-31  v2.3.30 - cmdln-crypter reads keynames from gpg-output
		     - cmdln-crypter supports keynames containing spaces
 2000-11-30  v2.3.29 - text-editor save-as works again
                     - text-editor can really decrypt messages
		     - debugged the command-line-crypter somewhat
		     - cmdln-crypter reads keynames
		     - cmdln-crypter supports keynames containing spaces
 2000-11-29  v2.3.28 - debugged the mail-client
                     - mail-client supports flat mime-multiparts
		     - text-editor _should_ now be able to decrypt messages it gets from the mail-client
 2000-11-28  v2.3.27 - mail-client supports an outbox
                     - mail-client supports smtp-after-pop (untested)
 2000-11-28  v2.3.26 - directory-service used JNDI-classes
                     - directory-service supports multiple contexts
		     - directory-service is fully configurable
 2000-11-28  v2.3.25 - mail-client supports reply
                     - fetching mails is much faster
		     - preliminary directory-service is able to ask an LDAP-server for mail-addresses
 2000-11-27  v2.3.24 - GPG-encrypting works (but has a kludge to work around deprecated algorithms)
                     - cmdln-crypter is fully configurable again
		     - mail-client uses a new panel to compose mails (aditing multiple new mails and replies will be added soon)
 2000-11-27  v2.3.23 - GPG-signig works
                     - GPG-(non-coinventional)-encryption should work now
		     - GPG-encryption can be used in the mail-client
 2000-11-26  v2.3.22 - work on the directory-service has started
                     - mail-client can use the directory-service (it's interface will change later)
 2000-11-25  v2.3.21 - interfaces for GPG-compactible signing in Texteditor-Crypter-interface
                     - mail-client uses this interface (as of yet none of the crypters has a TESTED implementation)
 2000-11-25  v2.3.20 - mail-client can now show all folders correctly
                     - the text-editor reacts properly to buffer-closed events
		     - the text-editor can close buffers
		     - the mail-client supports multiple accounts and a real configuration
		     - the config-file is named jaugmen2.conf again
 2000-11-25  v2.3.19 - mail-client can show the content of folders
                     - mail-client can show messages using the text-editor
 2000-11-25  v2.3.18 - we have a wonderfull new config-file-parser capable of much more that the old one
                     - mail-client does no longer block while connecting (meight else hang everything if no net is present)
		     - UIManagerBean.exec can now alternatively get it's macro-list as a LinkedList
		     - UIManagerBean.exec now instanciates like startup:bean
 2000-11-24  v2.3.17 - mail-client shows you your folders
                     - mail client could _theoretically_ show you the messages of a folder
 2000-11-22  v2.3.16 - UIManagerBean supports getting the name of it's config-file from a
                     - the config-file can have (multiple) "include="+filename+";" statements
		     - first test-code for opening a mail-folder and reading a message by the Representation in the service
 2000-11-22  v2.3.15 - mail-client supports attachments
 2000-11-22  v2.3.14 - mail-client can import and export TextEditor-buffers
                     - mail-client got debugged
 2000-11-21  v2.3.13 - UIManagerBean informs new local processes of all other local processes
                     - JavaMailService has events, finds a TextEditorProxy and informs it's Representations about it
		     - sending more complex messages tested (not in UI yet)OA
 2000-11-20  v2.3.12 - better mail-client
 2000-11-19  v2.3.11 - administration-code got much cleaner
                     - SwingUI can now remove tabs
		     - mail-client has a SwingUI-representation
		     - mail-client can send simple mails
		     - documented the well-known-interfaces
		     - Logger is used everywhere
 2000-11-19  v2.3.10 - work on porting the mail-client from version 1.x.x has begun
                     - some changes to the administration-code
		     - uploading javadoc to this page works
 2000-11-19  v2.3.9  - both UIs support starting new services (only beans.instanciate yet)
                     - work started for SwingUI to administer services
		     - Simple[Service|Administrator] now implement StorageLocationAdmin
 2000-11-17  v2.3.8  - changes to doc/License
                     - text-editor working again and supporting multiple buffers
 2000-11-16  v2.3.7
 2000-11-14  v2.3.6  - SSH-client works as it should.
                     - SSH-client handles multiple connections, SSH2 and storing host-keys still missing
 2000-11-14  v2.3.5  - SSH-client is there. Currently the representation does all the work but that will change within this day ;) .
 2000-11-06  v2.3.1  - password-helper
                     - better crypto
		     - persistent state introduced to SimpleService and used by all existing services
 2000-11-03  v2.3.0  - serviceui-draft-standart-compactible
 2000-11-02  v2.2.6  - complete text-editor
                     - licence-aware
		     - nearly serviceui-compactible
 2000-11-14  v2.3.5  Version of the jAugment-code (cleaner debug/error/...-output)
 2000-11-01  v2.2.4  - better text-editor
                     - no JINI-libs anymore
 2000-10-31  v2.2.3  - with media-player fully functional and
                     - supporting macros and
		     - playlists
 2000-10-30  v2.2.2  - now including the encrypting text-editor again
 2000-10-29  v2.2.1  - with Makefile and including it's libs
 2000-10-28  v2.2
 2000-10-18  v2.1.1  - now TextUI can use dynamic input-devices and
                     - the console and 
		     - work on the media-player II has been started
 2000-10-17  v2.1
 2000-10-14  v2.0.2